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Haji Muhammad Mohsin Government High School was founded in 1874 by the then Government of Bengal. Expenditure was provided by The Mohsin Endowment. (Haji) Muhammad Mohsin (1732- 1812) was a great philanthropist of this subcontinent. He was a confirmed bachelor and inherited a huge property, especially from her sister Munnujan Khanam. Though Mohsin was a very rich person he spent much on education and social services, irrespective of religion or color or cast. He founded a trust namely The Mohsin Endowment. After his death Government of Bengal took over the trust and spent money for the poor students. Nawab Bahadur Abdul Latif (1828-1893), another great personality from this subcontinent played a great role to influence the government for the expansion of Muslim education. According to the source of The Bengal Education Code 1931 (Government of Bengal), Page No. 314 Sir George Campbell’s government took a resolution on 29 July 1873 and establish one each madrasha in Rajshahi, Dhaka, and Chittagong. Our school started its journey as a madrasha with the name Rajshahi Government Madrasha but later on it switched over to the general curriculum through the name became very confusing on many occasions students suffered much. It was felt that the name should be changed. Though it was a long and bureaucratic process, finally the name of the school got changed on September 02, 2019 [Ministry of Education, Memo  No. 37.00.0000.071.33.724.19.848(20)] and the new name changed is Haji Muhammad Mohsin Government High School. Thanks to the government, especially to the Ministry of Education. We also thank those who directly or indirectly contributed to this long but much-needed change.

Haji Muhammad Mohsin Government High School has a land of 12 acres that is very rare for a government school in Bangladesh. Though it’s a secondary school grade start from 1 here and this is also exceptional. A boy gets admitted in grade 1 and finishes Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in grade 10. In 2020 the number of students is around 500 and there are 25 teachers of different subjects of science, humanities and business studies. No other government school in Bangladesh enjoys the teacher-student ratio of 1:20. This school has a big and historic field (Madrasha Maidan) and possesses a wonderful setting and atmosphere for teaching and learning. There is a glorious past of the school in the field of education, sports, and other co-curricular activities. Several students also sacrificed their lives for the liberty of Bangladesh. Amongst them are Nurul Islam Khoka and Abdus Sattar. We feel proud of them.

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