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Most district government schools in Bangladesh do have their own central admission processes.

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Haji Muhammad Mohsin Government High School was founded in 1874 by the then Government of
Bengal. Expenditure was provided by The Mohsin Endowment. (Haji) Muhammad Mohsin (1732-
1812) was a great philanthropist of this subcontinent. He was a confirmed bachelor and inherited a
huge property, especially from her sister Munnujan Khanam. Though Mohsin was a very rich person
he spent much on education and social services, irrespective of religion or color or cast. He founded
a trust namely The Mohsin Endowment. After his death Government of Bengal took over the trust
and spent money for the poor students.

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August 28, 2022

Rescheduled Class Routine for students..


Aug 01, 202

ছাত্র বেতন আদায় সংক্রান্ত

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July 29, 2022

Holiday Notice Hijri New Year

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August 04, 2022

টেলিফোন, ইমেইল, ওয়েব পরিবর্তন সম্পর্কিত


July 20, 2022

Class routine for students..

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April 11, 2022

বৈসাবি উৎসবের ছুটি সংক্রান্ত




Usually taking donations in government schools in Bangladesh are not common as they are fully run and controlled by the government. The financial year is July – June. Ministry of Education allots the budget as is submitted by the school authority. Basic needs for teaching-learning are always done quite sufficiently by these allocations, but on some occasions, it may not be adequate for various development works like infrastructural works. Anyway, taking the land crisis of the country into consideration government has taken a project of making ten storied buildings in each government school. Our school is on the priority list and soon we are going to have it.

Though the government schools are financed by the government, many old schools were founded by the local philanthropists. It is often seen that people donated money in different forms for the establishment and running these schools. Yet some lion-hearted people, alumni try to help schools in different ways. Some alumni of Haji Muhammad Mohsin Government School also tried to help. For example, Dr. Sultan Ahmad, batch 1953 donated money for running scholarship, and each year few students get benefited from there. Professor Younus Ahmed Khan, batch 1981 donated internet equipment for the computer lab. Likewise, anyone can make donations in any form (i.e. books, computers, smartboards, etc.). We are trying to decorate a room for launching an archive of the school where we want to preserve the antiques and nostalgic things or documents we have. Our school will appreciate it if offers are made to establish the archive and run it.


05, Sarshawti Puja
16, Maghi Purneema
21, Shaheed Dibas & International Mother Language Day
01, Sab e Meraj; Sree Sree Shibratri
17, Birthday of the Father of the Nation
18, Shuvo Doljatra
19, Shab e Barat
26, Independence Day & The National Day
4, Easter Sunday
12, Baisabi
03 April-08 May, Holy Ramadan, Baisabi, Bangla New Year, Easter Sunday, Sab e kadr, May Day, Eid ul Fitr (03 May)
15, Budhdha Purnima
03-19, Eid ul Azha (Eid July 9, 10, 11) & Summer Vacation
31, Arabic New Year
09, Ashura
15, National Mourning Day
18, Shuvo Jonmastami
21, Akheri Chahar Somba
01-09, Durga Puja, Eid e Miladunnabi, Laxmi Puja, Probarona Purnima
24, Sree Sree Syama Puja
07, Fateha e Yajdahm
15-29, Winter Vacation, Victory Day (16), Christmas Day (25)

N.B.: If schools get closed because of COVID 19 pandemic, the calendar schedule may not remain as it was declared in the beginning of the year. Once the ministry of education  makes any change to the calendar, it will be published accordingly.  

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